Flowered Shar Pei, AKC Registered

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We started with our first Shar-Pei from a local shelter, Buddy, and when he passed away after 5 short years, we realized how empty our lives were without him and the search was on for another shar pei.  Of course, you can't just have one! Shar pei tend to "pick" their owners but if you asked my husband, he would say they all have picked him. 

We've been involved with the shar pei for 14 years now with these wonderful and loyal dogs.  Shar Pei are very smart, excellent with children, bond strongly with family members and shed very little.  We typically have 1 to 2 litters a year, usually standard size and mini flowered shar pei.  All of our dogs are registered through AKC, American Kennel Club.

We are not a kennel, our dogs and puppies are raised indoors and are treated like our children with lots of love!  We also start potty training so you won't have that issue once you bring your puppy home.  None of my dogs are related, I studied the pedigrees before I purchased any of my dogs as puppies and we don't line breed them either.  Foremost, they are our pets - not breeding stock. Our dogs and puppies are seen by a licensed vet to check their overall health, have their eyes tacked if needed, vaccinated, and dewormed as a precaution. Contract and vet paperwork is also given at time of sale.

We are now getting more involved with the flowered shar pei, breeders used to kill these dogs years ago because they were not the right "color".  You can register them through AKC, however, we cannot show them through AKC. The flowered shar pei can be shown through the Chinese Shar Pei Club of America (CSCA). See our show dog link to see one of our girls winning awards! 

If your not sure if the shar pei is the breed for you, give us a call - we know quite a bit about shar pei and can answer any questions you may have. We love the breed and want to make sure they are a great fit for your family. You can also call us any time for the life of your puppy for ongoing support or questions.  There is a wealth of information on the internet also! 

More photos are available as well. You may reach us at 317.979.7249.  Occasionally we have problems with our phone not working in our area so if you don't hear back from us within 24 hours, please call again or email us directly.  We hope to hear from you soon! 

This is Bella, she is an isabella and white flowered with blue mask.

Photos are owned by me and may not be used without written permission.  Copyright 2011-2012.